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Our Team

Introducing Trauma2Τherapy

We are two trauma therapists, Sofia Vasilakos and Despina Ploussiou, and the lawyer & entrepreneur Konstantinos Plousios, with a vision powered by our desire for meaningful social action, sense of ethical responsibility, and love for our fellow humans. We created Trauma2Therapy, our Greece-based private initiative, as a bridge between the global community of trauma recovery and Greece. We imagine a world in which healing individual and collective complex trauma (C-PTSD) is more accessible to those who are seeking relief and genuine transformation. Our mission is two-fold. We’re actively working to:

  • Contribute to the revolutionary developments in the Greek mental health field by introducing cutting-edge, evidence-based trauma awareness and recovery to citizens, mental health care professionals, and other healers. We host internationally renowned experts, pioneering researchers, and thought leaders of the trauma world in Greece by organizing diverse seminars, training, and lectures.
  • Integrate the voice of ancient Greek wisdom and the resiliency of the Greek spirit to the worldwide conversation around trauma and what lies beyond.

Trauma2Τherapy is founded on the principle that:
Freedom from trauma is our collective human birthright. We believe in the capacity of the individual to not only achieve healing from trauma but to also embody resilience and post-traumatic flourishing. A more peaceful, joyful and meaningful life is possible.

The inaugural event of Trauma2Therapy hosted the internationally acclaimed expert on complex trauma, psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and best selling author Dr. Bessel van der Kolk. This outstanding scientific event will forever change your perception on mental and emotional pain. You will gain a renewed sense of hope, and an empowered drive to explore deeper and discover what lies beyond trauma on an individual and a collective level.
This, was the first time sharing his life’s work with the Greek public. 

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